Whitley Bay Golf Club

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Whitley Bay Golf Club has an active vibrant membership of more than 800…………

LWD 2044-2Our Men’s, Ladies and Junior sections offer a full range of competitions for players of all abilities and handicaps.

We also run a varied social calendar with regular functions with live entertainment that are quickly sold out. Coupled with a wide list of activities, from Bridge, Military Whist, Ballroom Dancing Classes, to Quiz Nights, all held in our Clubhouse, supported by excellent catering, soft and alcoholic beverages at discounted prices for Members.

The Application Process

We welcome applications for Membership.   This can be by invitation from current Members willing to act as your sponsors BUT if you don’t know anyone at Whitley Bay to propose and second you, you can contact the Secretary who will forward you an application form and arrange an interview with Club Officials.

Taster Golf for Ladies, Men and Juniors

These schemes are available to introduce new players to the game of golf in a Club environment, without having to apply for full membership or buy loads of equipment until you know this is the game for you.

Full details can be found on the ‘How to Join’ section.


Membership Information

Membership Rates

Please note that Entrance Fees can be paid over the first five years of Membership.

We have a monthly direct debit option available for all fees to be paid on a monthly basis.

Category £ Entrance
7 Day 747 575
6 Day 610 502
5 Day 524 427
Country 334 264
Intermediate 7 Day 25 – 29 492 575
Intermediate 6 Day 25 – 29 404 502
Intermediate 7 Day 21 – 24 434 Nil
Intermediate 6 Day 21 – 24 358 Nil
Intermediate 7 Day 18 – 20 317 Nil
Intermediate 6 Day 18 – 20 266 Nil
Junior 7 Day 16 – 17 226 Nil
Junior 6 Day 16 – 17 185 Nil
Junior 13-15 133 Nil
Juniors 5 – 12 72 Nil

Social  £20.83 +  £4.17 (VAT) = £25.00  (From 01.01.2018)

All subscriptions are due on 1 January each year, unless Members take advantage of the direct debit monthly payment scheme.

All Members (except Juniors and certain Intermediates) will also be invoiced a £25 bar credit charge which must be used by 31 December each year.

Playing times for 6 Day Members – Monday to Friday, Saturday after 4.00pm (2.00 pm winter) and Sunday after 10.30am. Playing times for 5 Day Members – Monday to Friday.

At age 18 any Member must make the choice between 7 day membership (at full fees together with the full entrance fee), Intermediate 7 day or Intermediate 6 day membership. If Intermediate membership is chosen, the relevant entrance fee will be payable on taking up membership between 25 and 29.

Please see the Secretary for more details.

At 25 there is a stepped introduction of the joining fee.

An Intermediate Member has full playing rights but may opt for 7-day Membership if he/she wishes to receive the privileges of Full Membership.  For example, an Intermediate Member cannot take part in the Management of the Club by standing for Committee.

 Membership Enquiries

Contact: Dawn Ridley

Telephone: 0191 252 0180 Ex 2 Fax: 0191 297 0030

Email the secretary

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