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Seniors 4 Man Team Open Results

Thursday 14th September 2017

1st D Donaldson, M Bayly, N Porter, F Inglis  89 pts

2nd M Williams, D McCourt, J Pearson, R Bushby  87 pts (back 9, then back 6)

3rd J Kiddie, C Naisbett, S Bell, J Hattrick  87 pts

Men’s Open Results

Sunday 13th August 2017

1st C Hymas / D Whittington 45pts (on count back)

2nd A Charlton / M Tinkler 45pts

3rd P Ankle / E James 44 pts

4th J Wilson / S Bates 43pts (On count back)

5th G Harper / R Cope 43pts

6th  D Tallon / J Wheatley 42pts (On count back)

Ladies Open Results

Thursday 10th August 2017

1st B Sawyer, J Hutchinson and J Bradley 80pts (WBGC, Hexham and Hexham)

2nd K Cross, J Potts and J Sawyers  76pts (WBGC)

3rd Y Setchell, L Craig and V Grant 76pts (Houghton Le Spring)

4th J Stone, R Carey and B Gray 75pts (Slaley , Close House and Slaley)

5th J Lucan, C Bell and M Waterson 72pts (WBGC)

Mixed Open Results

Sunday 28th May 2017

1st J Oxnard-Jay & A Jay 40pts

2nd A Calder & M Calder 37pts (on count back)

3rd D Shiels & J Shiels 37pts

4th N Rowley & T Rowley 36pts (on count back)

5th D Smith &  I Smith 36pts

Seniors Mens Open Results

Thursday 6th July 2017

1st - M Horry and T Rogerson – Morpeth – 43pts

2nd - P Holmes and S Paxton – Goswick/Newcastle United – 43pts (Count back)

3rd - A Heads and D Harrison – Arcot/Dunstanburgh – 42pts

4th - K Robinson and S Tait – Bedlington/Heworth – 42ps (Count back)

5th - J Carr and G Milroy – Goswick/Morpeth – 42pts (Count back)