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Senior Team Matches 2017 Calendar

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Team Results

Thursday 31st August 2017

Arcot Hall 4 – Whitley Bay 8

We again were blessed with a fine day for playing golf.
This was our last match of the season and we required two points to secure fourth place in the league.
Ian Soulsby again captained the Team and assisted by Terry Smith they brought home the required two points. All that we had to do then was make sure we gained as many points as possible to give us our best tally and position for ten years.
Arcot put out their strongest team on the day as they were also one of the team’s trying not to collect the wooded spoon.
Our position was further strengthened when Chris Lennie and Jim Douglas won their match. In the next match Angus Clementson and George Simanesko were beaten. This was the first of our two defeats.
The next two matches made it a overall win for us. Tony Hood and John Sugatte – Syd Davison and Ed Patterson bringing the vital points home. In the last match Mick Doxford played really well and deserved to at least get a point but I was unable to sink a couple of puts to help him and we went down 2 and 1.

Thursday 17th August 2017

Gosforth 11 – Whitley Bay 1

On a very hot and sticky day at Gosforth we came up against a very strong team who were fighting to make sure that they did not finish bottom of the league.
This result to to an end the dream of finishing in one of the top two positions. Pride was all we maintained with a single point coming from the pairing of Chris Lennie and Syd DAVISON.
Apart from the Chris and Syd match we were unlucky to not to gain anything in another two matches, but in the remaining three matches we were put to the sword.
We could say it was too good of a day to play golf, but it was the same for both teams. Home advantage took the honours on the day.

Thursday 10th August 2017

Blyth 9 – Whitley Bay 3

We visited the League Leaders with hope of either sharing the points or wishing for at least a small win.  Blyth justified their position at the top of the league with a win in their last match of the season.  They must now sweat to see if anyone can catch them.  We need to have to massive wins in our last two matches to beat them let alone match them.

Ian Soulsby and Terry Smith got us off the an impressive first match win 3 and two. Tony Hood and John Suggate recorded a halved match in a tight fought match. The remaining matches resulted in a clean sweep by Blyth, Harry Hanover, Syd Davison, Harry Bell, Forster Holloway, Jim Douglas, George Siemaszko, John Wymer and Angus Clementson had no answer to the on pressure by Blyth.  They all did their utmost to turn the tide but alas not to be.

Monday 31st July 2017

Whitley Bay 10 – Backworth 2

The last home game of the season seen Backworth our close neighbours visit us.  This is one of the matches we most look forward to each season.

Ian Soulsby and Terry Smith got the team off to the start we need with a 5 and 4 result. Harry Hanover and Barrie Hartley rebounded after some unlucky results to record a 4 and 3 result. Chris Lennie and Jim Douglas once again came home with a 3 and 2 win to keep their record going. If I was to lay a wager I would have put my vast wealth (50p) on Tony Hood and John Suggate coming home victorious. My wager would have back fired for once.  George Siemaszko and John Wymer won by the margin of 4 and 3 to keep the good feeling going.  The new pairing of Mick Doxford and Jim Taylor returned a win of one up, but not before we had to send out the search parties.  The excuse was that the opposition were out for the stroll along the coast, but the match was so tight it took a winning put to claim the points.

Tuesday 25th July 2017

City of Newcastle 4 – Whitley Bay 8

Our visit to the City was met with a resounding win.  Ian Soulsby lead the team with Terry Smith as his shadow once again but on the day they met their match.  Harry Bell partnered John Waterson and this new pairing brought home the bacon with a one up win.  Tony Hood had to also have a new partner and his usual partner was on holiday but George Siemaszko was a creditable standing and recorded a 3 and 2 win.  Another new combination in Angus Clementson and Barrie Hartley lost a very close match and were a little disappointed to not get something from the match.  Chris Lennie and Jim Douglas once again got the team back on track with a 2 and 1 win to keep their record going this year.  Syd Davison and Ed Patterson also recorded a 2 and 1 win in one of their few appearances in the team.  The team is riding up at the top of the league and we still have high hope of winning the league as we have games in hand.

Thursday 13th July 2017

Whitley Bay 8 – Northumberland 4

Vice Captain Forster Holloway once again took the honour to lead the team out.  He had a new partner in George Siemaszko and after a very tight match finished with a very creditable half.  Angus Clementson was paired with the Captain Len Renham and with five holes to go they were four down, but an incredible rally from Angus seen them go down by one hole.  Chris Lennie and Jim Douglas kept up their fine play with another 2 and 1 win.  There can not be any better pair in the league than these two.  Apart from Tony Hood and John Suggate who once again recorded a one hole win in a tightly fought match. Ian Soulsby and Terry Smith are also another pairing going from strength to strength and recorded a 2 and 1 win.  The tail end Charlie were Harry Hanover and Barrie Hartley came home with a very creditable halve.  Once again the team did the business and propelled the team up the league.

Monday 26th June 2017

Whitley Bay 5 – Stocksfield 7

Last Monday we had a Seniors League Match against Stocksfield that involved 12 of our seniors group. It was very encouraging to see a further 7 turn up to play in the Monday Seniors, thank you all for your continued support.

Results from last week’s Seniors Match against Stocksfield were a little disappointing as we lost by 7 games to 5. However there was some very good golf from all members of our team. Angus Clementson and Tony Hood who were 3 down with 4 to play, provided us with a grandstand finish when Tony helped to secure the half and 1 point with a great bunker shot at the last. I must mention my partner Terry Smith who played some great golf and left me with very little to do in our 6 and 5 win. Our other points came from Harry Hanover and Barrie Hartley. Our other three matches were very close, with the two Jims, Douglas and Taylor, just losing out on the last hole.
Results of the Monday Seniors saw a win for Tony Henderson with a very consistent round totalling 35 points; Keith Williamson came second and Bob Ackinclose third.
Please note that this Monday 3rd July we meet in the Clubhouse from 11am and the first tee time is 12noon.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Thursday 15th June 2017

Whitley Bay 8 – Bedlingtonshire 4

The team was captained by Forster Holloway who was trying to maintain his record as never being a losing captain.  Alas this was not to be, but a fighting effort was put in by himself and Harry Bell.

The solid team of Ian Soulsby and Terry Smith once again brought the points home with a 4 and 2 result.  Chris Lennie and Jim Douglas once again put the4 opposition to the sword with a 2 and 1 win. The Chariot Team Angus Clementson and John Wymer (Buggy Team) both drove their way to two points with a 3 and 2 win. The surprise pair to miss out was Harry Hanover and Barrie Hartley who lost on the last to a lucky put by the opposition.  The final pair the most impressive team of Tony Hood and John Suggate did not disappoint us with an impressive 5 and 4 win.

The TEAM played in a manner that it would have been hard for anyone to beat them.

Thursday 1st June 2017

Whitley Bay 9 – Hexham 3

On a bright day we entertained Hexham Seniors one of the likely teams to be in with a chance of winning the league. Ian Soulsby and Terry Smith had a very tough match against the very good Hexham Capt.

The Hexham Capt just managed to have the final answer in the win for them.

Forster Holloway (Vice Capt) and Harry Bell took the honours on the 18th in what was a hard fought match.

Angus Clementson and John Wymer were up and down in a match which they felt they should have won but ended up all square for a halve. Well we can not win them all can we.

Chris Lennie and Jim Douglas lived up to my expectations and carved a 2 – 1 win in a hard fought game.

The two  stalwarts of the team Tony Hood and John Suggate recorded an much warranted result of 4 – 3 just when we needed a big push to see us over the line.

Debutant John Waterston and Mick Doxford came home with an 3 – 2 result to bring us to 9 – 3 winners.

This also raises the bar on what we can achieve this season.  The next two games are at home so with two decent results we should be sitting near the top of the league.

This is our best result against Hexham for a few seasons.

To the team I say thank you and keep up the good work.  I hope to be back playing and pushing for a slot in a few weeks.


Monday 22nd May 2017

Tynemouth 7 – Whitley Bay 5

Our visit to our nearest rivals resulted in a victory to our hostes.

The team was Captained by Forster Holloway on the day and was aided by Harry Bell in the first match and they got us off to a flier with the perfect win 1up.

Tony Hood and John Suggate kept up their impressive record with a 3 – 1 win.  Both players showed that they are a hard pair to beat.

Ian Soulsby (Vice Capt) and Terry Smith came within a whisker of getting two points but in the end had to settle for a hard fought halve.

The other matches involved Frank Elliott, Gordon Robinson, Chris Lennie, Jim Douglas, John Wymer and Keith Williamson and all finished in tight affairs and with a little more luck on the greens would have given us at least a drawn match.

Some long lucky puts from Tynemouth players sealed our fate.

Many Thanks to all the team from me Len Renham Senior Team Captain.


Thursday 18th May 2017

Whitley Bay 12 – Westerhope 0

An excellent result yesterday against Westerhope. Sweet revenge for last year. We paid them back in full winning 12 – 0.  The team was Captained by Forster and well supported by all players. Him and Harry set the ball rolling with a excellent 6 & 5 win.

All the players played their part against a very strong Westerhope team who were second in the league until they met us.

Well done to all and long may it continue.


Thursday 11th May 2017

Ponteland 9 – Whitley Bay 3

Ian reported a difficult day for our team who struggled to read the greens. They were very fast and from a different world to Whitley Bays. George Siemanzco and Barty Coe won their match. Angus Clementson and Mick Doxford gained a half. I can only add to what Ian and Forster reported that it was a good day played in a friendly manner. That the result was out weighed by the effort put in by the whole team. Many thanks to you all.

Many Thanks to Ian and Forster for running things for me.


June6Senior Section Team Captain’s End Season Report

We started the season off in March with our AGM held in the Dinning Room. A good turnout was recorded. We discussed a number of items and an election was held and once again I was re-elected as Captain. I sought permission to appoint two Vice Captains and this was agreed.
I asked Ian Soulsby and Forster Holloway to fill these positions which I am glad to say they both accepted.
We started our campaign  away at Ponteland and after having a difficult time trying to master super fast greens we were beaten 9 – 3.
After the fist couple of matches played a pattern started to emerge and pairings started to gel. It also proved  that we were on the right track using lower handicap players in the team. Results from these players showed that the cream does rise to the top and along with mid handicap players we eventually won more matches than we lost. We used twenty four players in total over the twelve matches, a lot less than in the past. The team was Captained by Ian and Forster as I was not fit enough to play and the results must be credited to them. In truth I was not good enough to get in the team.
The top point scorers were as follows.
Tony Hood 16 out of 20
Chris Lennie 15 out of 18
Ian Soulsby 15 out of 22
Terry Smith 15 out of 22
Jim Douglas 14 out of 20
John Suggate 13 out of 20.
These were well supported by the other team members who contributed to our league tally.
This was our best year for ten years or the last time we won the league in 2007. This total of 80 points was the best by 14 points in my stint as Captain.
In all we won seven of our twelve matches, five out of six at home and two out of six away from home.
We changed our format for the Team Field Day and thirty eight attended and made it the best for a number of years. Everyone who took part took something home. The top prize of a £70 voucher was won by George Siemaszko with 38 points.
The best three man team of Harry Hanover,  Mick Doxford  and John Teward cane in with a combined 103 points tally. The longest Drive was won by Harry Hanover and nearest  the pin by Keith  Younger.
A great day was finally  finished off with a excellent buffet  provided by David and Dave our new caterers.
We combined the day with a quick meeting to agree that the AGM for the Seniors would be moved from March to September. It was agreed and then it was passed that I would remain in position until September 2018 along side Ian and Forster as Vice Captain.
I would like to name a few people who deserve a mention and big thank you for without them our season would never have such a success.
David and Dave Caterers, Richrd Suttie, David Twizell, Hannah Burt and all the other Bar Staff, Dawn and Angie, Steve Combe who helped to set things up and finally Dave Burston for his support and encouragement.  If I have missed anyone please accept  my apologies and Thank You.
I must also thank Ian and Forster for the support work they gave put in over the season.
As a final item I gave to mention that we now gave a over 60s get together  every Monday, first tee at 12 noon. We have anything from twelve to twenty four players turning up. We have fifty five people on our list who have turned up at some stage.
All are welcome to join us please turn up pay your pound and play. This session is driven by Ian and Forster. Look forward to seeing you soon.
Many Thanks
Senior Section Captain

June6Seniors Field Day 2017

The morning started very gray and damp but by the time the first group went to the 1st tee it was sunny and warm.  We were very lucky as this was to be the way it stayed all day.

Out of the possible 55 that could have taken part 38 turned out. This was much to the relief of the captain. of the 17 who could not make it was a great miss to them.  Excuse submitted were on holiday or were baby sitting.  Lets hope they can make it next year.

The scores on the day were very competitive and showed what fine senior players we have at the club.The day was played in the Stableford System, with full handicaps with no gimmies, (I never really checked this point.  Playing from the yellow tees Ian Soulsby and his team got us away right on time and everything seemed to follow on with no real problems. (May be a wayward shot now and then).

The day progressed well and eventually everyone was in (A part from Frank Elliott who was unwell and had to retire.  Hope you are on the mend Frank, I have something for you to assist in your recovery which I will present to you next time I see you.

We had many prizes to give out and everyone received something (38 prizes) I will list the main prize winners below.

Whilst I was checking the scores and making the winning lists out Ian Soulsby entertained the vast crowd assembled in the club house. Ian explained to everyone that at my request that the Annual General Meeting be put back till September 2018.  I an asked for a show of hands and this was passed with the voting that I stay on as Captain and Ian And Forster Holloway were to stay as Vice Captains.  I have to say that we all accepted this motion.

After a bit of a delay we proceeded to annaouce the winners and no losers. All are winners in my eye’s.

1st Prize £70 voucher was claimed by the very unpopular George Siemaszko.  He wins to often and it was suggested that he might play away next year.  Joking apart well done George on your performand of 38 points.

2nd Prize on 37 points John Hewison£55 voucher

3rd Prize (Syd Davison and Ian Soulsby) but the prize went to Syd on count back. Both had 36 points.

The longest drive went to Harry Hanover

The nearest the pin went to Keith Younger

The player with the Best front nine was Ian Soulsby.

The player with the best back nine was Angus Clementson.

The best overall team was Harry Hanover, Mick Doxford and John Teward who came in with a combined total of 103 points.

Two’s were recorded by Alan Ross 13th, Alex Pritchard 3rd, Harry Hanover 17th and John Teward 13th.  All were presented with a sleeve of balls which were donated by Mitch Steele.  Mich these were much appreciated and well received. Please give my regards to the staff in the office for making me feel at home.  Many Thanks.

With all the presentations completed we only had to demolish the buffet.  This was prepared by David and Dave in the kitchen and it was a excellent buffet much appreciated by all.

The last thing from me was to thank everyone for turning up and making it a memorable day, to Ian And Forster for all the help, advice and support on the days leading to and including the day my heartfelt thanks.

To David and Dave for the buffet and to Hannah and Bronwyn for keeping the water flowing.

To David the Pro and Richard for helping with the prizes and for sorting the tee times out.

Last mention goes to the Club Captain Dave Burston for his encouragement and support.

Many Thanks and hope to see most of you for our usual Monday gathering.



August 2017

The usual Monday meeting for our weekly get together has gone from strength to strength.  Even when we have a match to play in the league we are getting approximately twelve players turning out. Ian, Forster and myself are most pleased that it has taken off so well. May it keep getting better and stronger. Come along if you can and meet fellow members.

We plan to keep the Mondays going all through the winter.

Next on the horizon is the Club Field Day Monday the 14th August with over forty players saying they are attending.  There is numerous prizes to be won.  Have a wonderful day.

We have two remaining away matches to finish off the league season, 17th August away to Gosforth and Arcot Hall 31st August 2017.  Best of luck to all taking part.


July 2017

Last Monday ten of us went to the tee to compete for the Monday sweep. The small field was mainly due to most of the team members keeping their powder dry for the important Senior League match at City of Newcastle the following day.

Jim Douglas, not for the first time, took first place with 34 points. Congratulations to Jim, who also maintained his form on Tuesday when, with partner Chris Lennie, won their game at The City.  Brian Whitnall was second on Monday, also with 34 points but lost on count back.  Larry Wilson had three threes on the back nine, one of them at the tenth, scoring 19 points after the turn, and was placed third.
Other winners at The City were Harry Bell and John Waterson, Tony Hood and George Siemaszko and Syd Davison and Ed Patterson.  With the team winning 8 points to 4 we are fifth in the League at the time of writing, and have a match, or two matches in hand over the four teams above us.
The policy of selecting lower and in-form middle order handicap players seems to be paying off so far as league position is concerned this year.  However we are very conscious that the enthusiastic support of all Seniors at WBGC, especially those who are able to join in on Mondays, contributes enormously to our team spirit and resulting success. Thank you all.



June 2017

Fourteen of us rolled up on Bank Holiday Monday 29th May and Question Master Harry Bell had all the answers with 21 points on the back nine and scooped up the sweep with a total of 36 points. Bob Ackinclose also with 36 points came second and Syd Davison returned to form and took third place with 35 points.

This Monday 6th June our tee is reserved for 1207 so please try to arrive by 1100 so that we can make the draw and a prompt start.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday.



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A message from the Senior Captain

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