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Course Update April 2015

Green Maintenance Week

Green Maintenance Week went very well at the end of March, with most of the major playing surfaces receiving some kind of aeration treatment and top dressing, although some of the approaches took a dislike to being hollow tined and whole chunks of earth lifted in places, due in the main to the poor soil quality. These have been repaired where possible and divot filling has taken place. We have left the Local Rule for “Preferred Lies” on, partly because of this, but please note that that Rule will be removed on Friday 1 May.

Please take a look at the following video, filmed and edited by Simon, our Green Staff Apprentice. A great job, and worth a watch.

YouTube Preview Image


All greens are now being cut at 4mm, we still have quite a bit of lateral growth which is causing a slight bumpiness which will be tackled over the next couple of weeks once growth becomes constant, through brushing and verti cutting. Around 10 tonne of sand will be applied to the greens and followed up with our base fertiliser feed. Towards the end of the week if we get wet conditions a liquid application of seaweed and wetting agent will be applied. A couple of the greens (probably 1 and 10) will be over seeded with a Bent grass mix to give them a bit more body.

Surrounds, approaches and tees 

Over seeding will take place introducing good quality grasses into these areas. The tees will see a straight Rye grass mix and the surrounds will be a balanced mix of Rye and Fescue. This will be followed by an application of sand and then a high phosphorus granular fertiliser to promote germination and establishment of the seed.


Due to the severity of the weed (daisy) establishment we have treated the worst areas immediately, this is a little risky as at low temperature and little growth, sometimes these products are not effective. The rest of the course still has a manageable weed problem, we are simply waiting for growth to pick up before we spray. These products are very expensive and very bad for the environment so we must be responsible with the application, ensuring that one hit has 100 % success rate..